We investigate industrial incidents such as electrocutions, falls, and workplace accidents resulting in injury. The experts at Forensic Investigations and Technologies also are experts in slips, trips, and falls in retail and commercial locations.

Our accident analysis service is carried out in order to determine the cause or causes of an accident or series of accidents.

Our investigator’s role is to gather and organize information in an effort to uncover the truth behind the incident.

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Why Investigate an Accident?

There are many important reasons to properly investigate all incidents, even those that may be appear to be minor. One reason is to use the accident as a learning tool, this can help in preventing larger accidents in the future. Another reason is of course for legal reasons, to find out who is to blame, and how the accident happened. Another good reason to investigate an accidentis that is sends a clear message to employees and regulatory companies that you take your committment to safety seriously and are consistently looking for ways of improvement.

We work with insurance adjusters, lawyers, corporations, government agencies and individuals to help them understand the accident. With our expert accident investigation analysis, your case will definitely benefit.

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