Our associates go into fire scenes and use the scientific method to determine where the fire started, what was their first fuel ignited, and why the fire burned the way it did. Fire cause and origin assists in determining the who, what, where, and how that are a result of each fire.

Our fire cause and origin experts can address issues regarding fire causes, including arson, construction defects, fire prevention systems and failure analysis, and automotive fire causes. We have years of solid expertise in identification of accelerants, ignition sources, fire protection codes, and analysis of fire and burn patterns.

We have extensive experience investigating a wide range of incidents and failures. Our process is scientific- we apply proven engineering and scientific principles to identify the reason behind the failure.

We work with insurance adjusters, lawyers, corporations, government agencies and individuals to help them understand the fire cause and origin issues. With our expert analysis, your case will benefit from our investigation services. When a cause is determined, we write a report for you and make ourselves available to testify in court.

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